My Why…

You were wondering, right!  Why does anyone decide that they want to write a blog?  More so, what makes that person think that someone may want to read it?  Why risk sharing myself with complete strangers?  Why open myself up to the opinions and criticisms of the world?  My answer is simply, “Why not”!  As I’ve anticipated this moment for many months now, I have to admit that there is fear present, doubt exists and I’m down right scared.  Yes, I have admitted my fear to the world.  Maybe that isn’t a public admission that would be considered a move to bring success by life coaches, but it’s me.  It is where I am as I sit here in this moment.  My full intent is to be me, to be real and walk this thing out.  I will be free to express who I am one and I will allow you to be free to be who you are.

I’m not your “spring chicken” and regardless of age, I will hope to never consider myself as being “over the hill”.  That said, I can say that I’ve lived long enough to have experienced “much” life.  Everyone has a story.  My life journey includes stories that will bring hope, happiness and excitement, as well as tears.  “Real” will include the raw, slightly uncut, slightly unedited and maybe, not for TV version of the stories.  “Why?”, because it can’t be wasted!  There is value in our life stories.  Maybe that life, shared with you, will serve as something that can bring both of us to a better place.  “Why?”, because, sharing our stories can do that, one day at a time!


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