Black, White, Gray or Squint?

Gray skies were the norm in the north east where I grew up.  I much preferred the sunny days, but they were few and often, far between.  Thus, my choice to live in the true sunshine state of Arizona.  I had gray countertops when we first purchased our present home.  I much prefer more vibrant pops of color and stated right at the beginning that the gray counters had to go.  Gray doesn’t fit my taste in clothing either.  I can pull off little bits as an accent but if gray is the focal point, my skin looks washed out and my eyes look sleepy.  Gray as a hair color, definitely not my thing, not yet anyway.  Gray hair started coming in at age 18 for me.  It is no more.

How many things look better when you squint at them, when you allow them to become blurred?  Cellulite pretty much disappears when you squint.  Sharp lines in a drawing soften when you squint.  Colors blend when you squint.  Even the repulsive becomes more palatable when you squint.  Some things are just easier to accept when the lines become blurred.

What about our thinking?  What happens there when we squint?  What issues did you once take a hard line stance about in the past, that now you just aren’t so passionate about?  Maybe it was a political opinion or a religious belief.  Maybe it was a critical judgment about another person.  Can you see any change in your thoughts toward that subject?  Has time softened the line or new thinking changed your beliefs?

Or maybe you haven’t thought about something that you were once really passionate about for so long that neglect has caused the color to fade.  The life that was once there now has barely a pulse.  Maybe it’s just daily life choices or circumstances that have slowly taken you in a direction that you didn’t originally intend to go.  You may not have even realized yet that you’ve gotten off track.  Maybe your dreams were stolen or you just let go of them somewhere along the way.

What I’m talking about here is the “gray” areas.  Those places where black and white meet and the colors meld as one.   The vibrancy of the original colors is lost in the gray area.  The clear sharp lines between the black and the white can no longer be seen.  Maybe you can still see some of the black or white on the outside edges, but what happened to the beauty in the contrast?  This can be applied to so many things, but what does it mean for you?  Is there a place where gray is beautiful, where blurred is better, where squinting should be applied?

If we’re talking about color, each can be beautiful when used and applied in the right way.  Each can and should be allowed to stand on its own, regardless of anyone else’s taste.

If we’re talking about opinion or beliefs, it gets more complicated.  Was our original belief or opinion founded on fact and truth or someone else’s interpretation of the subject?  Did our beliefs and opinions change or soften due to gaining more knowledge of the subject or did deceptive thinking sneak in and steal what we were once passionate about?  Or did the passion die due to neglect?  Did you stop caring for and nurturing that thing that you were once passionate about?  Should it have been allowed to die?

For you, is it those little daily life choices or circumstances that have slowly taken you off the course that you originally intended to travel?  Did circumstance or a choice steal away or kill your dream?

I know I’ve asked a lot of questions here.  These are things that I’m thinking about in my own life.  I can see where I have allowed some things I was once passionate about to almost die due to neglect.  Dreams have been let go of.  I can see how some of my beliefs and opinions have changed or evolved and I am evaluating the basis for that.  I can easily see how daily life circumstances and choices over the years have taken me in a different direction.  I’m not saying I have all of these questions settled in my heart, but I will say that I am acutely aware of the need to keep these questions in front of me until they are settled.  I’m just being honest here.  I know that I live in a constant state of being a choice away from doing the right thing for myself and doing the wrong thing for myself.  I am very much aware of my “humanness”, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Once again, my purpose in this blog is to make this journey with you.  It’s intended to be a safe place that opens the door for conversation, not debate, for healing, not hurting.  Is there anyone out there who cares to share what fits in the “gray” area for you, what looks better when you squint, (besides cellulite) or what looks better in vibrant color, what you’ve let die that you shouldn’t have, what you’ve lost passion about?  Anyone???