Following My Dreams

Follow Your DreamsWow!  Could it just be so easy?  To wake up each day and have the freedom to let the day carry you, to follow your whims based on how you feel each day.  To wake up and be “there” already, that place you imagine will keep you happy for the rest of your life, no difficulties, hardships, no struggles to push through.  It’s just there, given to you right up front, waiting for your toes to break the surface of that refreshing water.  Oh, to be able to lounge on that raft, floating through the white puffy clouds into time and space in perfect peace for the rest of your time on earth.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if we could all just do that?  Follow your dreams…

Honestly, I’ve been trying to follow my dreams for more than 50 years now, but it just hasn’t been that easy for me.  How unfair is that?  Why is it that some people just seem to fall into their dream and others have to work so hard to get there?

Statistically speaking, the number of people who get to fall into their dreams early in life can be counted on fingers compared to the vast billions that have to work long and hard toward them.

There is something to be said about the struggle to get there.  The struggle isn’t a separate entity from the dream.  It’s a divine part butterfly.coccoonof the dream.   Remember the caterpillar, the cocoon and the butterfly?

There’s something to be said about the rocky road, the crooked path, the twists, the hairpin turns, the unplanned detours, the flat tires.  They aren’t just part of the road you travel to reach your destination.  The journey and the destination are one.  You can’t have one without the other.

crooked pathThere’s something to be said for the difficult people placed along the path in your dream.  Human nature would dictate that you circle around and avoid such people.  Don’t waste your time on them, you don’t need the drama.  Who do you think makes you a better person?  They do!  Iron sharpens iron, so go ahead and rub shoulders with the cold hard ones.

An ancient history book says that trouble and suffering are good for us.  They lead us to have the strength to endure and persevere.  Endurance develops our character.  Character gives us hope.  Good character helps us reach and keep that which we hope for.  It’s a progression.  It’s the way life works.  You can’t have one without the other.   (Ancient history book, aka The Bible, Romans 5:3-5, James 1:3-4)

Follow Your Dreams.2

That said, in actuality I’m already “there”.  I’ve been “there” all along, even when it didn’t appear so, feel so and I didn’t think so.   Whether it be good times or bad on this journey, all the circumstances and events have been working together to make me new and better day by day.   I’m living the dream and choosing to enjoy the ride.


Just Do It!

Just do itI remember when I started running with my husband a few years ago. He had just run his 1st race and was so hooked already, I knew I would be left behind if I didn’t join him. Those early runs were miserable.  My husband would push me to go farther than I thought I could. “Keep going until that next light pole, that next corner…” I couldn’t breathe and would get so angry! I hated it, but at the same time I wanted to be able to do it with him because he loved it so much. I never would have imagined that it would become something that would change my life so much or the benefits I would gain that go far beyond fitness or the friends I would make from all over the world!

Even though I’ve been plagued with injuries in this journey, the benefits far outweigh the discomforts. Being off all activity for so long with this last hamstring tear, has only made me more determined to continue. Even though I’m still doing more walking than I am running now, I consider myself back in training mode. Even though I’ve just been able to start swimming again and have to still use a pull buoy, I consider myself back in training. I’m not back up to speed on my bike yet, but I’m still in training.

There is always something ahead to work for, whether it be a race, a triathlon, a project, a new role, a goal or a life dream. And there will always be something that will try to hold us back, discourage us and make us want to quit. It’s just the way it goes. It’s real life. You choose what to do with it. I can make excuses about why I can’t train, or I can give it all I’ve got with whatever it is I’ve got in my hand at the time, even when it hurts, even when I don’t like it or feel like it. Why? Because I want to do more than just exist. I want to live and live fully.

In the past I’ve been good at defeating myself before I ever get started. I’ve been good at talking myself out of things, reasoning Do it Nowcreative ideas right out of existence. My motto for this year is one you’ve heard before, but it applies to more than shoes for me. It applies to every aspect of my life. I’ll let you borrow it if you want. “Just do it!” But let’s “just do it” together. It’s more fun that way! You in???