Holes in the Clouds

One week ago today, our family lost someone that we loved very much.  It was my father in law.  My husband and his brothers lost their dad.  My mother in law lost her husband.  Our children, nieces and nephews lost their grandpa.  His siblings lost their brother and on it goes.  This past week has been a whirlwind of activity, but the one thing that stands out to me is that family stands together through all of it.

My run this morning was at about the same time as last Wednesday when my mother in law and I were huddled close together in the hospital, having just been told that the one we loved didn’t make it.  It was cool, breezy and overcast this morning, much like it was that morning.  The clouds were pretty thick at the start of this day and blocked out the normal beautiful sunrise.  I couldn’t help but notice that there were holes in the clouds as in a slice of swiss cheese.  The rays of early sunlight were shooting through the cloud holes in every direction and it was absolutely beautiful.

Clouds are often associated with sad, dreary times, and we have good reason to feel sad and dreary right now.  But nature this morning sent us a message.  It was a reminder that no matter how dark and thick the clouds may be, the sun is always shining.  It’s light will find a path through the thickest, darkest cloud to light our path and allow us to feel it’s warmth.

Each beam of light I saw this morning reminded me of something to be thankful for.  I started thinking about all the many things I’ve experienced in just this last week that I am so grateful for, most of all, the abundant love of friends and family.  By the end of my run, my heart was overwhelmed with thankfulness and tears spilled onto my cheeks.  They were the good kind of tears, both cleansing and healing, all brought on by light shining through a hole in the clouds.

We all love you dad…   


4 thoughts on “Holes in the Clouds

  1. Debbie Sibert says:

    Bobbi, this is so beautiful, my heart goes out to you and i got tears in my eyes it made me think of the loved ones I have lost and the blessing they have been to me. love ya my friend debbie

    • bspargo says:

      Thank you Debbie. You are the one who is always the blessing to others, all of your kind cards and encouraging notes that come out of the blue. Thank you for that, my friend! Love you, too!

  2. Beki Wright says:

    This is so beautiful! It truly ministered to my heart, and is helping me deal with the loss of someone real close to me. It’s so amazing that God can and does, on a regular basis, find those little moments in life, to comfort us, and show us that He is always there. He is such an amazing and loving Father! Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us! It has truly touched my heart!
    Love you guys, and I’m praying for your continued healing of your hearts.

    • bspargo says:

      Loss is never an easy thing. I am so glad you were encouraged. That’s what we do, right, comfort each other with the comfort that we have received. Hugs and prayers coming your way…

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