The Dark Room…

It was a perfect spring day.  The fragrance of the brightly colored flower buds poking through the damp soil of the garden filled the air.  The air was fresh, crisp and clean.  The temperature was at that sweet spot between slightly cool, yet comfortable.  The sunshine was warm and gentle breezes stroked the hair of the Princess. The Princess looked beautiful as she meandered through the wooded garden.  Everything about her world seemed to be perfect.  Nothing was out of place in her life and no situation overshadowed that would cause distress.  All was a picture of perfect peace and beauty.  Or so it appeared…

The Princess enjoyed her daily journey but had wandered farther than usual today.  Intrigued by what was beyond her normal path, just a little farther over the next hill and just around the next curve, she found herself in a thickly forested area.  Her path was now a little unclear and the realization was setting in that she could, quite possibly be lost.  Should she stay where she was until someone found her or should she try to find her way back home?  It was late in the afternoon now and the sun would be going down soon.  She surly did not want to spend the night in a dark forest with wild creatures.  That was not the place for a Princess to be.  The possibilities were frightening.  She must try to find her way home.

Having lost her sense of direction, the Princess chose the path that seemed to be more clearly marked.  As she passed through a particularly thick area of underbrush, she came to a small clearing.  In front of her was a weathered little house, very tiny actually, like a child’s playhouse.  This was strangely familiar to the princess.  It seemed as if it had been a part of her life many years past, yet her memory of it was so vague.  As she hesitantly approached, she could see peeling paint, smudged broken glass windows, and pieces of shingles that had been eaten away by time.  There was a tiny porch, just big enough to hold the little rocking chair that was still in its place.

The Princess cautiously placed her weight on the rotted step to the porch.  The cob web covered front door was slightly open.  The Princess could see objects in the room but it was too dark to make out what was inside, yet she had a strange sense that these objects meant something to her.  An unexplainable, anxious fear began to overtake her as her shaking hand neared the door knob.  The princess quickly pulled back her hand.  She couldn’t do it.  She just could not enter that dark room.  Why, she did not know.

She was surprised by the hot tears she felt streaming down her cheeks.  A rushing wave of indefinable emotion brought her to her knees.  With her face buried in the silky folds of her beautiful gown, the Princess gave in to the sobs that came from a deep, unfamiliar place.  The sobbing seemed to last for hours and darkness had now overtaken the forest.  Too weak to move on, this is where she would spend the night.  Cold and alone, the Princess curled up on the dusty, rotted, wooden porch of the tiny play house in the forest.  What wild creatures of the night were out there, maybe even watching her?  What dangers await her in this dark and lonely place?  What nightmares were lurking in the hours just beyond the point of sleep?  Overwhelmed by exhaustion, the princess closed her eyes, hoping the light of day would come quickly.

To be continued…

Have you ever found yourself standing before a door you were afraid to open?  A room of uncertainty, you were afraid to enter?


2 thoughts on “The Dark Room…

  1. Marianne Belardi says:

    Is there anyone who has not? Although many don’t care to admit it. Looking at such a door or two right now, in fact. Sweetly written, Bobbi. xo

  2. Anita colburn says:

    Yes. Many times. But fear doesn’t always win out, and amazing joy is often what is behind locked doors!

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